I’m torn between giving you an update on *cough* Jazzercise *cough cough* or transcribing 100 times ‘are we almost to grandma and grandpa’s yet?’ The second may be more entertaining for you, but I’m not sure I want to relive the experience right now.

There actually isn’t much to tell on the exercise front. I’m not dead, I’m walking normally again, and I’m not even sore. It only took three weeks for my legs to work properly again.

I’ll have to admit going to class the second, third, and fourth time I was feeling a bit like a sadist. I could barely use my thighs and the only thing these instructors have in common is an obsession with thigh work. We do squats, we do lunges, we squat while we do arm work, we lunge while we do weight work, we do leg lifts and thigh exercises on the floor. After only three weeks I feel like I could lift the car off Neil with my legs…you know should a occassion arise.

Outside of the one time I accidentally went to the step class (I thought my thighs were dying when I walked into that class, upon walking out I realized they’d only had the flu before), I’ve been able to keep up and catch on to the moves relatively well.

I really hadn’t anticipating liking it this much, but I haven’t had to force myself to go yet. I actually want to go. I feel stronger, less stressed, more awake, even more positive! Everything is getting done faster and doesn’t even feel like as much work, heck I don’t even have to sleep as much to operate at semi-functional level. It’s been wonderful.

I have a feeling my posts will suffer, because, really, who wants to listen to one of THOSE people? Those happy, upbeat people who do everything. I’m turning into one of them, they’ve sucked me in, I may have to turn this blog over to the kids.

Speaking of which, they just returned home, I better end this before it’s too late. You’ve been spared two hours of chain reaction crying and 100 ‘are we almost to Grandpa and Grandma’s?’ You can thank me for that one later.