Due to the fun ‘older child regression’ syndrome, we have spent the last 5 months making up for all the time ‘lost’ when Jacob was born, in a number of areas. Potty training was the worst. It’s been going pretty good for the last month or so, but we’d still have to remind him, he didn’t want to poop in the potty, and few other things I’ll leave out.

The last week or so has been wonderful though. He’s gone without us even asking, even said he needed to go when we were out somewhere, which never happens, and has started pooping on the potty for a reward. But this morning, he went poop on the potty without me even asking and with no promised reward. In fact he didn’t even ask for a reward when he was done, and he washed his own hands and put his underwear back on, all by hisself.

I was so excited I had to facebook Neil and tell him. When Grant got up from his nap, I told him that daddy saw what I told him, and he was very proud of him too. Even some of my friends were proud of him. Then he turns to me and says. “Mommy your friends like to go poo poo too?”