It is finished. Our biological family that is. To clear things up a bit, I have no issues with some day, down the road, eventually, expanding our family. But it will not be through me. I am done being pregnant, for a number of reasons, reasons I may detail later. I have done my contribution to society. There are plenty of children out there that need homes, if we want more, they are there.

I’m not sure how to go about detailing things, I’m feeling very uninspired, which is tragic really. You have no idea how much begging and pleading went into making this post a reality. And here I sit at a loss for words.

I think I’ll start with the doctor. Neil found himself a hippie doctor. Dr. Stein, a man after my own heart. He is a full-blown urologist who has decided to do only vasectomies. Why you ask? He feels it’s his greatest contribution to the environment. He’s saving the world from overpopulation through stopping as many unwanted pregnancies as he can, before they start. I’m not concerned about overpopulation myself, but the man’s got a cause. You gotta respect that. He’s a highly successful doctor that drives a 20-year-old car because it still works and he doesn’t want to add it to a landfill. There was an article written about him, you can find it here. It’s very interesting, and made me like the guy even more.

I’m don’t know what I expected going into this appointment, but watching the guys walk out afterwards surprised me. They all just sauntered out like nothing had happened. I guess I was expecting there to be SOME noticeable change…a slow walk, a slight limp, the way I walked after giving birth to our 9 lbs first-born. I got the sense the other guys in the waiting room were reassured by that walk.

It was also interesting to note the amount of happy women in this waiting room. The women were positively glowing, and I can completely understand. After years of carrying the burden of birth control and always having that nagging worry in the back of your head to have your guy step up and take the responsibility out of your hands is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. I was most definitely one of those elated women in the waiting room.

There’s a very large soapbox I could jump on right now about men and the stigma about this procedure, about guys that want to push major surgery on their women. But I’m trying very hard to stay off that soapbox. So for tonight I’ll leave you with this. I’m very glad I married a real man.