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March 2010

i can’t right now

Scene: I’m changing Jacob in the bedroom and last I walked by Grant and Jena were sitting on their respective potties in the bathroom…

Jena: Con on rant, come pay

Grant: I can’t Jena.

Jena: why?

Grant: I going potty

Jena: why?

Grant: It’s when da poo poo comes outa your butt

Jena: Oh

he’s a working man part 1

I’m calling this part 1 because I plan on doing more. And because I’m letting myself off the hook of recapping his entire time in one post. We’ll see if I finish, I’ve noticed I’ve got a habit of not doing that here.

Anyway. For those that follow me on twitter or facebook you know my little surprise has been coming into Wycliffe to work with me for the last few months. I typically try NOT to post about things work related. I don’t want to cross any lines into the inappropriate and so I’ve avoided the whole topic. But I feel this is pretty safe and it has been an amazing blessing so I want to talk about it.

Have Jacob at work with me was like having a first child all over again. Even working I was able to be there more for him than with two other little children running around to take care of. With the rocky start Jena and I had this has been amazingly restoring.

I can tell you more about how it all started and ended and such later. Right now I want to give you a few yearbook pictures. This little guy gets around.

Here's Jacob and my boss playing with the webcam
The president wasn't in...we felt Jacob made a good substitute
Jacob getting his first sip of coffee at three months old
Jacob and his favorite baby sitter

There are many many more pictures. So nobody get mad that they weren’t featured yet! I will post more. I have some cutie ones of him sleeping in the office too. He started in a mat under my desk, then moved to a bouncer, and he’s now in a pack n play. More to come!

oldie but a goodie

Working on Jena’s birthday slide show again today and I came across this picture.

Look how big I am!

It’s certainly not the most spectacular of photos, though I think the two featured are quite attractive. But what grabbed me is that Jacob wore those jammies just a few nights ago. Where did the time go?

good morning

Mornings are a wild card around here. You never can tell what things are going to be like upon waking. Most mornings are filled with various iterations of  ‘shut that one up quick before s/he wakes the others!’ It’s a fragile calm, and we work as hard as our morning brains can manage to keep the sleeping children asleep as long as possible.

Jena was up at 5 recently, which is unfortunately not all that uncommon in these teething days. Neil brought her to bed for me to nurse because that will usually lull her back to sleepy land for another hour. Occasionally we are really lucky and it takes us until daylight hours.

Grant was in our bed already as he had climbed over both of us some time in the night, who knows when, as neither of us woke when he did it. So I have a kid on one side snoring in my ear, another kid on the other side nursing, and just as she rolls over and goes back to sleep Jacob wakes up to eat. At this point I’m already sandwiched in, and there’s no space left, so I turn around to put my head at the foot of the bed where the little feet don’t reach yet. Neil brings in Jacob and just as he’s falling into the nursing coma we hear a little voice.

winkle winkle ittle sars

ow i waaaa waaaa arrr

c d e f g

q r s t u v

winkle winkle ittle sars

And even though it woke everybody up, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

time will change your heart

I’m sitting on the floor playing blocks with Jena and Jacob and I have Jewel (my iPod) playing through the stereo. It’s been playing for a while with no response when all of a sudden Jena looks up.

Jena: Mommy was dat song?

Me: That’s blindside Jena

Jena: binside

Me: Why? Do you like that song?

Jena: YEAH!

God I love this kid.

Here’s the song she liked. Sorry it’s not an actual video, but you still get to hear the song.

Rock on Jena. Rock on.

we’ve made it 7 years so far

Today is my anniversary. 7 years of marriage. Even writing that out it’s hard for me to wrap my head around. 7 years. That makes me feel old. But who am I kidding, everything makes me feel old these days. I have a feeling that some day, when I sleep again, I will just stop aging for like 20 years to let my real age catch up to my felt age ’cause by that point I’m sure I’ll feel like I’m at least 50.

Back to the anniversary. It’s been quite the ride, often bumpy, never dull, but totally worth it. I love him more today than the day I married him. We were two kids who’ve grown and matured a lot in the last 7 years. I for one, am very proud of the man he’s become.

Here’s a tiny little picture of us on our wedding day. It’s tiny because it had to be *gasp* scanned in. We have no digital images of our wedding. The scanner leaves a bit to be desired, but you get the idea.

I’d like to add more, but I need to hurry up and publish this before the dye burns the hair off my head.

look how young and naive we were 🙂

Here’s to many more years to come.

look at that face

I’m planning a picture slideshow video thingie for Jena’s birthday post. Which means I’ve been going through LOTS of pictures of Jena. I just can’t get over how adorable this child is. Would you look at that face? I just want to eat her up.

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