Mornings are a wild card around here. You never can tell what things are going to be like upon waking. Most mornings are filled with various iterations of  ‘shut that one up quick before s/he wakes the others!’ It’s a fragile calm, and we work as hard as our morning brains can manage to keep the sleeping children asleep as long as possible.

Jena was up at 5 recently, which is unfortunately not all that uncommon in these teething days. Neil brought her to bed for me to nurse because that will usually lull her back to sleepy land for another hour. Occasionally we are really lucky and it takes us until daylight hours.

Grant was in our bed already as he had climbed over both of us some time in the night, who knows when, as neither of us woke when he did it. So I have a kid on one side snoring in my ear, another kid on the other side nursing, and just as she rolls over and goes back to sleep Jacob wakes up to eat. At this point I’m already sandwiched in, and there’s no space left, so I turn around to put my head at the foot of the bed where the little feet don’t reach yet. Neil brings in Jacob and just as he’s falling into the nursing coma we hear a little voice.

winkle winkle ittle sars

ow i waaaa waaaa arrr

c d e f g

q r s t u v

winkle winkle ittle sars

And even though it woke everybody up, I wouldn’t have it any other way.