I’m calling this part 1 because I plan on doing more. And because I’m letting myself off the hook of recapping his entire time in one post. We’ll see if I finish, I’ve noticed I’ve got a habit of not doing that here.

Anyway. For those that follow me on twitter or facebook you know my little surprise has been coming into Wycliffe to work with me for the last few months. I typically try NOT to post about things work related. I don’t want to cross any lines into the inappropriate and so I’ve avoided the whole topic. But I feel this is pretty safe and it has been an amazing blessing so I want to talk about it.

Have Jacob at work with me was like having a first child all over again. Even working I was able to be there more for him than with two other little children running around to take care of. With the rocky start Jena and I had this has been amazingly restoring.

I can tell you more about how it all started and ended and such later. Right now I want to give you a few yearbook pictures. This little guy gets around.

Here's Jacob and my boss playing with the webcam
The president wasn't in...we felt Jacob made a good substitute
Jacob getting his first sip of coffee at three months old
Jacob and his favorite baby sitter

There are many many more pictures. So nobody get mad that they weren’t featured yet! I will post more. I have some cutie ones of him sleeping in the office too. He started in a mat under my desk, then moved to a bouncer, and he’s now in a pack n play. More to come!