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April 2010

and he’s off!

The kid’s been working on this for a few months now it seems, and I’ve been working on getting it on video almost as long. However, the stars and planets finally aligned and we both got our game on at the same time.

He’s still mostly doing the inch worm deal on the wood floors, but I get that, I mean would YOU want to put your knees on wood? But once he gets to the rug, well I’ll just let you watch and see.

missing grandpa

The funny thing about grief is it just sneaks up on you. There’s not always a trigger, it’s not always when you expect, sometimes it just shows up, announced, and BOOM it’s there.

I’m missing my grandpa today so I thought I’d share a picture from the last time I saw him. This is my little Jacob Russell with his namesake Russell Jacob Reinig and me after my Grandma’s funeral in December.

how to deal with grief

So what do you when you’re grieving and your half way across the globe from your family? You Skype your neice and nephews to make funny faces, of course. I don’t know if it helped her, but it sure helped me.

7 months and 7 days

Since I’ve laughingly told people this blog is all Jacob’s ever going to get of a baby book (as I didn’t even bother to buy one this time), I figure I better get serious. Here’s the first of hopefully multiple installments…we’ll see, I may not be any better with this than the baby book.

Dear 7 months and 7 days,

Wow. What happened to you this last month? I feel like you over dosed on over¬†achiever. You decided to go from barely moving to pushing with your feet, pulling with your hands, hands and knees, doing the worm, to virtually crawling. You learned to sit up OVERNIGHT. One day we sit you on your butt and…faceplant. Two days later you sat there for 5 minutes with the biggest grin as if you were telling me ‘what you didn’t know I could do this already?’

Did I mention you had your first beach trip? Oldest of any of our kids for a first trip, but you were a fall baby, it’s not my fault. You loved it, just like your mommy.

trying soooo hard

You spent your afternoons away from mommy this month and then these past two week went full time to the babysitter’s. You transitioned like a pro. You are super excited when we start the walk up to her house, which I do so much enjoy, but only because you have the same reaction when I come to get you in the afternoons. I get to come see you at lunch and it is the highlight of my day. I’m not sure how I survived entire days without seeing your brother and sister.

You had your first food other than mommy’s milk this month, I must admit…we overdid it. You tried carrots, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, mangos (with rice cereal), and blueberry apple sauce all in a 10 day stretch. It’s a darn good thing you didn’t have any reactions to anything because we would have had NO IDEA what it was that was causing it. Horrible parents, that’s what we are, you can tell your shrink about it later.


That tooth you’ve been working on for months, yep decided to pop that sucker out this month. The morning of your first full time day at the babysitter too I might add. The whole weekend before it was like you were giving me hell for kicking you out of office life and then boom there’s a tooth and you’re all smiles again, at least from what I could see, but then again I didn’t have you that day…then just a week after you sprouted two more. The other bottom tooth came in and from what we can tell a top eye tooth? I don’t know what you’re trying to pull with that one. Gotta be different I suppose.

And last but not least you said ‘dada’ this month, your father was about to burst. I won’t hold it against you, don’t worry. Besides you just call for him whenever you need anything now and he comes running, it’s fantastic.

I'm a big boy now

We are very excited to see what you do in this next month, but I make no promises to note it, just so you know. Gotta set those expectations where they need to be. Mommy and daddy love you little baby and brother and sister do too.


so i’m raising a…monster?

I went into the kids’ room this morning to open their window since it was still nice out and I noticed there was something on the window sill. It’s the window right over Grant’s bed, and I know he stays up and plays in there after we put him to bed. However, I didn’t know what he could have had that would have made the window that dirty. But as I got a little closer I realized that wasn’t dirt. Part of the window sill is actually missing. Did you hear me? It’s MISSING. As in gone.

Judging from the tiny little surrounding all the missing pieces I think my son is eating the window sill at night. I guess we should stop calling him the ‘silly monster.’

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