So I haven’t posted in a bit. I know why, and guess what? Soon you will too! You’re so excited aren’t you?

Bycemaster worked most of the weekend, and where that’s good for our budget and his project at work, it’s a bit crazy on the household and my sanity.

We are also going out of town this weekend. Which should be great while we are there, the kids are anxiously awaiting seeing their grandparents, I am looking forward to a little adult conversation and some great cooking I’m not doing. I am trying my hardest NOT to think of the car ride, with Jacob in the big boy carseat now he’s between the two kids, which means Jena can reach him. That scares me. Back to excuses, so in the meantime I just added a few extra loads of laundry to my week to get us ahead (ahead ha ha, that was a funny one) before we go. Plus a bunch of other extra little stuff that must get done to travel with five, but it is no where near as exciting as laundry, so I’ll spare you.

But I’m feeling gracious and surprisingly alert due to my laughable attempt at a step class tonight. Which means I’ll make up for this boring up date, and give you our car ride home today. Your welcome.

All parts must be read simultaneously to achieve the most realistic reenactment.

Grant: *singing* poo poo, poo poo. Jacob poo poo. ha ha

Jena: put pbudder it, like dis Jacob. *spreads on her plastic bread*

Grant: poo poo, Jacob habs poo poo on his….BUTT! *uproariously laughter from Grant only*

Jacob: random screams and giggles

Jena: here *shoves bread in Jacob’s mouth* here Jacob. tat it.

Grant: *back to singing again* more poo poo on Jacob,POO POO MOMMY! POO POO!

Jena: tat it Jacob. TAT IT!

Jacob: more random screams and giggles

and on it goes…