So I came here to tell you about our crazy morning this weekend and I found this post. Apparently I’d never published this from February. Reading this first made me cringe, it made the chain reaction wake ups starting at 4:30 that morning, and then starting over again once they were all asleep, really not seem so bad. Because it’s not the norm anymore. But when I wrote the below, it was normal, and had been normal for months. This was about an every other night occurence, if we were lucky. 

But the end made me smile, because I really do love these crazy kids of mine.

Enjoy the blast from the past.

There have been many mornings I have wanted to post on our typical morning, which would still be night for most of you. The desire is the strongest after the worst of said mornings. Ones where I’ve gone back and forth between a teething toddler and a hungry baby from about 4 in the morning until I just give up trying to sleep. Ones where I can barely fit in any of the beds I’m attempting to lay down to nurse in. Ones where I plead with God to just let me fall asleep before the next one wakes up. Unfortunately for you, on those mornings I can’t put a coherent sentence together, so you’ve missed out.

This morning, being a weekend, and following a few days of unusually decent sleep for me, I was able to see and put on paper, the humor. Jena’s been teething her two year old molars for months now. She FINALLY broke one a few weeks back and we’ve had a bit of reprieve from her early morning shrieking. It was glorious. I say was because it’s back, I can only assume one of the other three is on it’s way. But there is no way I’m sticking my finger in there to find out for sure. I’ll wait till she wants to show me, I need all my fingers to stay attached.

So 4 something or other this morning I hear Jena shrieking and stumble in the kids’ room before she wakes up Grant (not that THAT is all that easy to do, he does sleep like his father). Where’s your binky Jena? I doonoo, she sobs. So we search around for it so she’ll stop while I try to get my foggy brain to make a plan. I figure I’ll take her to our bed, it’s been known to put her back to sleep, which means we all sleep longer, and everyone is less grumpy the next day. 

I thought it was relatively open when I’d left it, so I decide this is the best route. However, I then turn around and see ‘fake Grant’ tucked into his bed. This partially explains Jena’s waking, most nights if she wakes up and sees Grant still in his bed she’ll go back to sleep. But she is a middle child and does not know or like alone, so if he’s not there, she’s not happy. Apparently his ‘dummy’ didn’t fool her.

Now knowing my bed already has all the boys in it, we decided on a new course of action. Grant’s twin bed it is, she nursed and we both slept, oh sweet sleep. Jacob slept wonderfully last night, so the one time with Jena wasn’t enough to ruin the night. When he woke up to eat around  6ish, I got up and went back to our bed. Sliding in I found where Grant had been hiding, at the foot of our bed buried like a little mummy under the covers, no wonder I didn’t know he was there.

Jacob eats and I drift back to sleep when all of a sudden I feel a little monkey crawling over me. I look up and both boys are wide eyed staring at me with grins on their faces. I’ve already forgotten half the funny things Grant started saying at this point, but what made the biggest impression was his take on ‘our space.’ Which is a constant complaint for me trying to lay down with one nursing baby or another squeezing 2 into a bed designed for 1 or 5 into a bed designed for 2, space for me was a joke. But for Grant there was ‘all dis space!’  ‘Look at all dis space mommy!’ ‘dere’s so much space in yus bed!’ After Jena wonders in. ‘Come on up Jena, there’s lotas space up here!’ ‘Here’s a space for you Jena’ ‘There are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 of yus in dis bed mommy!’ ‘Come on Jena, we need more babies in dis bed.’

I’m trying so hard not to laugh at him, but I couldn’t hep but smile, in fact I didn’t even try. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. Glad I got a little this morning.