I took a video of this too, but it’s pretty dark, and my finger was over the lense for the first little bit, and I didn’t even have Grant in the video at all in the beginning, just the book. It’s not my best work, I couldn’t see, I believe I mentioned the dark part.

Now I greatly enjoy it anyway, but I’ve been told I’m a bit biased when it comes to this kid.

I tried my best to transcribe the story for you. It was his version of a little animal book. It’s one of those one picture, one word a page board books. Grant’s version is more involved, and more entertaining in my opinion. Perhaps we have a budding author on our hands, only time will tell. Here goes.

OK. Once upon a time.

*opens book to the monkey page* de monkey got died, and then he got killed (building excitement). One day dey fixed him wit da trees and flowers (excited whisper voice).

*turns to giraffe page* de giraffe was going for a roph one soph (it’s like he just forgot he was speaking english for a moment…and he’s back) when a lion pic him daway *lion sounds* an God jus didn make no lions no more, and din he was fixed, and din he was really happy had an iPhone. dat what da giraffe did.

*turns to elephant page* da elephant was so happy. he was haves new friends wit da dogs, kitties, and fish. And he could liked it two at a time (got a little Noah action going on there).

*turns to the tucan page, that he thinks is a macaw* da cawcaw. here comes da bird. he was he called whatcha eat some food. hes hungy, hungry.

*turns to frog page* (turn down volume Jena’s coming) hey frog i’m hungry, I want to eat some hair. (million dollars if you can decipher this…if I end up posting the video…)

*turns to turtle page* hey turtle! I neber a (more Grant language) turtle. can you get me some food please?

*closes book* did it. de end.