So as you’ve seen Jacob’s on the move. It’s made it a different kind of busy around here, the kind of busy that eliminates sitting on my butt for a period of time long enough to compose anything, yes I just called it compose, like I’m a real writer!

We are enjoying it though. Even when he is whining as he follows us around the house with his little slap-slap. I’ve found a few new blogs to read recently and I’ve already made plans to steal a fair amount of ideas for here. Don’t go judging. If you think about it for more than 5 seconds, you’ll realize we are all a product of the things we choose to expose ourselves too. So of course the things we produce will be the same. I believe I read in a famous book somewhere that there was nothing new under the sun….or something like that. You really aren’t unique, and neither am I! So get over it.

All that to say, look forward to some new content, soon, someday, eventually. But don’t let the silence worry you, the kids didn’t kill me…yet.

BTW anybody know where the title’s from?