Stuff has been going on around here, and lots of it. Which is why you’ve been hearing nothing. Makes sense, right? Here’s a quick update.

Jacob’s standing, pulling up on everything, including the pack ‘n play. You remember that commercial for the panic button for old people? The one where the old lady falls and says the classic line ‘Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!’ We have the reverse around here. Jacob pulls up on the couch, the chairs, the bed, any person he can find and then starts whining. Which is his version of ‘Help I’m standing and I can’t get down!’

On a not even remotely related note, guess who’s eating dairy these days? Oh yeah baby, that’s me. I’ve tried every kind of cheese imaginable so far and will soon branch to milk and butter, but so far no negative reactions from Jacob. I feel extremely strange just being able to eat whatever everyone else is eating and instead of going out and eating an entire pizza like I thought I would people have almost had to force me to eat dairy. I can’t get over the fear that I still might damage my child, that maybe a little is ok, but a lot could still hurt him. We’re still in the beginning stages of this dairy reentry though, I’m sure I’ll get over it.

Dairy. Jacob. Poop. Potty. Jena! (like the path my brain took to get here, it was a logic jump for you too…right?) Jena has also gone on the potty three days in a row now.  I take absolutely no credit for this as I have avoided potty training her like the plague. I actually took away the potty until recently because I didn’t want her to sit on it all the time anymore. Such an encouraging parent I am! But she just sits down and goes, like she’s got the thing all figured out. I sure hope she’s right, I’m stealing the diaper this weekend and we’ll see how she does. Oh to be down to one kid in diapers, just one, could it really happen? I can barely hope.

Grant was also registered for VPK yesterday! Hurray! I am decidedly more excited than he is, but he will warm to it, I’m convinced, he has no choice. In the meantime he’s too concerned with his impending birthday. He’s turning 4, already! I’ve been ‘working’ on his birthday video for months and still have over a year’s worth of picture to weed through to even start it. I have two weeks left, we’ll see how it goes. I’m still open for song suggestions, my only requirement is that it must be 15 mins long, so I can fit all these pictures in it.

And that’s all I got for you.