We did fireworks with the kids this year, it was the first year we’ve tried. I know I had fun, but I’ve always loved fireworks. Neil enjoyed himself too. Both boys had fun. Jacob was practically jumping out of my arms while they were going off, he’s an easily excitable little guy anyway, and he’s too little to get scared. Grant was old enough to really get into them. Every firework was his FAVORITE ONE EVER! he’s got a streak of his daddy in him.

Jena however, well Jena’s two and I don’t think two mixes too well with fireworks. She watched them all with her hands over her ears, but she stayed. She even told me she liked them and wanted to watch another one (that’s what she’s saying in the video, you can’t really hear it). She ran away after almost everyone, but she came back. She also didn’t scream at all. I must say, despite it all, I was very proud of our little girl.

Last year Grant would have been the one scared, though I’d venture a guess that he would have screamed his head off (he didn’t have an excited big brother to follow), and Jena would have been our little brave one.

Next year Jena will probably be fine and Jacob will be the scared one.

And in a few more years we should all be able to do them and all enjoy them too. I’m looking forward to it.