Somehow I’ve gotten the hint that the family would like a recent picture of our children, one picture mind you, with all three represented. Every time I get wind of this rumor I can’t help but laugh. Not ha ha, that was funny laughing. More like lock-me-in-a-mental-ward kind of laughing.  

It’s not that I don’t want this illusive picture, I do! I have tried, and tried, and TRIED, and I will keep trying. Realistically though, we’re talking a good year or more before their’s much success. In the meantime, any time the three of them are within picture range of each other and sitting I get out the camera, and lower my standards. I’ve decided background, clothes, hair, positioning, none of it matters.  

All I want is all three physically in the picture, faces looking somewhere near my direction, eyes open, and preferably not screaming, but I may be willing to budge on that last one. 

Grant - check, Jena - check, Jacob - not so much


diaper...face...same difference


I can kinda see Jacob here...


Jacob's trying to make a break here


no worries he was appropriately tackled


ok this one just makes me laugh, I kept it for the boys, I don't know what Jena's doing here.