We took the big kids to Sea World today. It was their first of many, as we took the plunge on the year passes. I have a few observations about the day I’d like to share, and just to be different, I’m making it a list.

1) Theme park employees. Wow, I’d forgotten there was such a thing as good customer service. We had an employee approach us to ask us if we needed help, and I don’t even think we looked like we needed help. Ok maybe we did, but not that kind of help. Regardless it was a very nice start to the day.

2) I never realized how heavy the agenda was in the Shamu show. I agree with saving our animals and telling kids to believe in themselves so go agenda and all that. However I only remember the show being fun and entertaining, nothing more. But maybe I agree with the message because I never knew it was there when I was watching it as a kid and I’ve really been brain washed! It could happen.

3) Seeing the excitement of a child will never get old. It is a totally awesome experience to watch the kids spontaneously burst into applause when the killer whales would jump out of the water. They were SO EXCITED, I found myself quite thrilled as well.

4) Year passes rock. Just about the time we were all getting tired and hungry we could just leave, pick up cheap food, and go home and take naps. As opposed to buying overpriced food in the park, pushing through with cranky overtired kids because you ‘had to get your money’s worth.’ I’ve decided it’s the only way to fly.

5) Neil and I are both happily entering this new stage of family life. Where, for the most part, the kids are big enough to do and enjoy this type of stuff. It’s so much fun. We are enjoying making the memories.