It would seem my goal of posting every week has turned into every weekish. Not that I have had any lack of things to post about. I’ve had numerous car rides you would have enjoyed. Filled with Jacob screaming, Jena singing ‘Who let the dogs out’ at the top of her lungs, and Grant trying to out shout the other two to tell me his latest spaceship story. Unfortunately for you, I’ve not been able to get my wordpress app to work in the car, so you’ve missed out. No need to worry though, this is a more common occurence than one would think. It will get here eventually.

In the meantime, I leave you with Jena’s conversation with me last night.

She pokes me in the eyes, taps my nose, and brushes my lips.

Jena: ders you eyes, you nose, and you mouf mommy. (yeah she kicks butt in anatomy of the face)

burries her finger in my belly button (and yes these days that is entirely possible)

Jena: It’s you belly button mommy! (said in her tickle voice, poor Jena, mommy’s not ticklish)

pokes me in the sternum

Jena: ders you tummy (umm…we’re still working on body anatomy)

runs her finger along the waistband of my shorts

Jena: an ders you slipper (huh?)