Dear eleven months minus four days,

As usual I’ve written many letters to you in my head in the past few months, and none here. But that’s how it goes, the more you’re doing the less likely it is I’m going to be able to write!  

You finally broke another tooth this month, just a few days ago actually. You popped the first 6 like popcorn, but we were starting to think that was all you had in your head. It was reassuring when daddy found that razor sharp point breaking through your gums. You’ve been much more pleasant to be around in the last few days. Though you’re really remarkably well behaved for a teething little guy.

You spent your first week at Nana’s this week. Which meant I spent my first 9 hour day away from you. It was as hard as expected. Thankfully they were full days without much time to think. You handled it all like a pro. You transition from one place to the next with no trouble at all, just like you always have.

You’ve also decided you are a daddy’s boy. You will cling to your father for dear life if he dare try to pass you off to someone else. You’re like a little Koala Bear, with claws. Speaking of claws, you managed to rake both your father and me in the face last week. Daddy is still sporting a nice gash under his nose and I’ve got a lovely claw mark between my eyes. You found it quite amusing both times, your father’s particularly. I think it was the gushing blood and the screaming; you are all boy.

You continue to be an amazing addition to our family. We can’t believe you’ve been with us for almost a year already. Oh crap I better start working on your birthday video.

Love you,