In the convuluted world of childcare for three, our month of August will be spent working at home for Neil or me, alternatly. For the purpose of watching Grant until preschool starts at the end of the month.

The first day home was like any transition day, full of reminders that mommy’s working, more TV than I would ever allow on any normal day, working more after bed time to make up time and lots of stress for me. But we are almost finished with week two, going on day 4 from home for me and I’m amazed at how quickly Grant has caught on. He’s watched less TV than normal, played happily by himself and we’ve managed to ‘work together’ quite well. I even got all my hours in by 5 today!

Yesterday my quest for a planning space caused me to stumble upon the greatest thing in the world, for both of us. Dry erase markers and sliding glass doors. I wish the pictures did it justice, but the phone only goes so far, you’ll have to use your imagination.

Please disregard the myriad of kiddie junk you can see thru the window. The point is there’s stuff ON the window.

mommy's planning board
my assistant's notes

Grant was convinced we needed every kind of sea animal for the board retreat mommy was planning. His side consisted of sting rays, sea horses, and blue whales in lots of waves (pronounced wave-is). My side held all my notes with enough space to see the big picture. It kept us both happily busy for a few hours.

Best part was today I gave him a spray bottle of water and a wash cloth and he proceeded to ‘shoot’ the marker off. 90 minutes and four bottles of water later my window is shiny clean! Double win for me!

Now I need to remember to pack more markers to carry from the office to the home ‘office’ and find one of these at work.