So I went to post tonight and what do I find? My brief little summary of the funeral, that I’d never published! Sorry. It wasn’t much, but I’m including it below, along with an assortment of other random ramblings.


I’m glad I went to the funeral. I saw some family I’d never met before,  some that it’d been too long since I’d seen, and some that I am happy to see as often as the opportunity presents itself, with overlap amongst the groups. Jacob did well on the plane. He slept half the way and charmed the passengers the other half. There’s a lot I’m still process from the trip. Something about being with a large group of you family that makes you see yourself in a different light.

I told you it was brief. On to other things.


 Jena is potty trained now! I could have sworn I put it on here, but I couldn’t find it. We are down to only ONE child in diapers and I couldn’t be happier. Even though we are still in the high maintenance phase of potty training I’ll take it over diapers any day. She practically potty trained herself. While I was potty training Grant I wanted to shoot anybody that said that. 18 months of hell for him was a couple of weeks of nothing for her. I stand in awe still. It is truly a miracle.


Grant is starting pre-school this week. Tuesday is his first day and I believe we have sufficiently hyped him up for it. Now I just have to make sure I’m ready for it, as it dawned on us parents last night that we may not even have all the appropriate supplies and such. I did manage to get him a lunch box, but do they need back packs for pre-school? I do not know. I’m sure I will find out. Poor kid, it’s his parents first day of school also.


Jacob’s birthday is right around the corner and I can still hardly believe it. Two weeks from today and I’m miserably behind on his birthday video. I’m consoling myself with the fact that surely we did not take as many pictures of him as we did the other two, so I will have less to weed through!

He’s still working on that other bottom tooth. I saw a spot so white today I was sure it’d finally made it through, but I could not feel a thing. Oh well, what’s a few more days of screaming at this point really? He was screaming out of pure joy today as Grant chased him around the house and I realized even when the pain is gone the screaming will not be. He is after all a Byce child, it seems to be their marker.


In conclusion I will leave you with a conversation Grant and I had about love, and dinosaurs, and killing, of course.

Grant: dinosaurs need lub too mommy.

Me: they do? What kind of love do dinosaurs need?

Grant: dey need da good kind an da bad kind

Me: well what’s the bad kind of love?

Grant: da bad kind is when da dinosaurs kill all da good dinosaurs, dats da bad kind. (said very matter of factly)

Me: ok, well then what’s the good kind?

Grant: da good kind is when da dinosaurs kill all da bad dinosaurs, dats da good kind. (like duh mom)

It then went even further down the tubes to dinosaurs pooping out of their tails, but I’ll spare you the immense detail he described that feat in. You can thank me now for that one.