Life is a little crazy around here these days. I feel like I’m finally adjusting, I still don’t like it, but I’m at least used to working nights, not seeing my husband and waking up exhausted every morning to start it all over again. Last night I was so beat I fell asleep on the couch sometime circa 8:30, at least I hope it was at least 8:30. Combine that with a teething baby that seemed to actually sleep last night and kids that finally seem to be adjusting to the time change and well I feel awake.

It shouldn’t be this much of a novelty. But I woke up to light out my window and my first response was not a groan. It actually took me a few minutes to recognize the foreign sensation of being awake, while still in my bed, that usually doesn’t happen till much later.

So instead of going back to sleep this morning I’m writing you this horrible rambling post, I’m such a giver.