My birthday was the 1st of this month. It was a fantastic birthday. I had my department Christmas party in the morning which we dragged the whole family too. It was a great way to start the day, I work with a fantastic group of people, and they’ve only gotten better. We had nine little kids running around the party (compared to my 2 only when I started 2.5 years ago). It was a lively bunch! Straight from there we dropped off the kids and headed to Sea World, just the two of us.

We’ve never done anything like that our whole relationship. Our first theme park together was a hit! Though I did manage to make poor Neil sick. I think the fourth roller coaster run in 20 mins was a bit much, but there were no lines, you had to keep going! It was totally awesome. I’d forgotten how much I love roller coasters, weeeeeee!

Backing up a little, that morning I was greeted by Neil and all the kids singing me happy birthday, Tickets to go see Trans-Siberian Orchestra! Their ‘Christmas Eve’ has been my all time favorite Christmas song from the first time I heard it, over a decade ago. I was pretty stoked.

We went to the show tonight. I apparently have no imagination. The show was so much more awesome than imagined. I was thinking it’s an orchestra they sit in a pit and play and we listen. That would have been good enough for me. It’s strings and electric guitars, what more do you need? Apparently a full rock concert, that’s what.

First sign this was not my lame version. We walk through the doors and they’re warning people about the excessive use of strobes and pyro. Then they start playing. There are lights and smoke and fire and a HEAD BANGING VIOLINIST! That guy rocked. I could not believe the way he ran/danced around the stage rocking out with his violin, awesomeness! I kept wondering if this was what his parents had in mind when they took him to all those violin lessons as a child. I’m glad they did, it was incredible.

Best part, they even had dancers. When I grow up I want to be a dancer for the Trans Siberian Orchestra, too bad I think they had to be able to sing, and I’m pretty sure it was a requirement to have long hair to be in the group, guys and girls alike. But it’s my dream, don’t kill it.

PS. Thanks to all you who wished me happy birthday on facebook, I tried thanking you all individually at first and didn’t make it till the end. It really made my birthday even extra special!