I had to go look up my archives to figure out what was going on earlier this year. January was full of poop, butt jokes, more poop, and a bunch of babies. We have come a long way. We are now only dealing with butt jokes…alright! Jena now carries on full conversations with no interpreting needed and Jacob no longer spits up all over Neil’s head.

I had also started working out with a goal of a year, which I almost made. I made it through November, I’m proud of myself. I now have Dance Central on the X-box, I’ve already ‘worked out’ everyday since Christmas it’s so much fun.

And January is as far as I made it in the archives, I can see my attention span has not improved. We exited baby land this year. It was bitter-sweet I suppose, though I’ve only felt the sweet so far. We are now full blown into toddler and school land. Jena will be registering for pre-school next month and Jacbo toddles the house blabbering and screaming. Grant is half way through his first year of school. It’s a whole different world, one I thought would be an easier one, turns out it’s just different, weird different. I feel like an imposter half the time I’m at the school, but I swear, I’m a real mom!

This year will start with us moving, I think we may have found the place this afternoon. We’ve been in a lot and most could work, but this one just felt like home. I was almost crying all the way home thinking about it. So we’ll make application and work out the details next week. Either way we’ll be moving somewhere by the 22nd!

I’m looking forward to less stress and more margin, in time, in budget, in life in general. We’ll see how it pans out, but so far we’re right on track. Though I’ve learned my plans really mean squat, so here’s to surprises!

May your new year be filled with…well…how about the ability to cope and thrive with whatever comes your way! I tried to wish happiness and prosperity for you all, but the cynic in me will not let me. She has the part that wants to locked in the closet right now. So your out of luck. Sorry.

But I will leave you with some beautiful pictures of my family, by photographer Melissa Lewis. She just captured us so well, chaos and all.

Happy New Year!