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February 2011

a plague on both your houses

I was watching Romeo and Juliet (the trippy 90s version, not the classic) with Neil earlier this week. It’s not my favorite movie, but he was sick and I was feeling generous. Normally I wouldn’t have thought much about it afterward, but that scene when Mercutio dies (who ironically was Micheal from LOST, we enjoyed that tidbit) will not leave my head. He’s been stabbed in a brawl and is stumbling backwards in the sand screaming to the feuding families ‘A PLAGUE! A PLAGUE ON BOTH YOUR HOUSES.’ Over and over and over he says it, in the movie and in my head.

Now none of us have murdered our friend and had him call down a curse on our family…I think…yeah pretty sure about that. Nonetheless, it feels as if there has been a plague on my house this week.

It all started with a little green goop in Jena’s eye on Saturday. That turned into Pink Eye, then Neil got the plague, then I’m up all night with Jena who is up hacking and crying and waking her brothers up, then Jacob starts hacking, and then he gets the Pink as well (even though I’d already changed and washed all sheet and pillow cases and cribs and bunk beds are a pain in the you know what!), then Jacob gets the fever, then Grant gets the fever, then Jena wakes up screaming that her ear hurts, and that leaves us at today.

A plague on both your houses. Yes I heard you Mercutio. I, however, did not kill you, you may remove your plague now. Thank you.

Green, gooey, ewwey

So it looks like Jena has an eye infection. She woke up this morning and seemed to be fine. She had a little green nasty in the corner of her eye, but she’s had a runny nose, we find green nasty just about everywhere on her face. Around lunch time we’re at Sea World watching shamu and I look down and her whole eye is swollen and pouring nasty.

Can some one please tell me how that happened in a matter of hours? Craziness.

So she’s taking her nap and we’ll have to run her up to the little clinic when she gets up. Of course her getting up will be fun I’m sure. Every almost three year loves the sensation of waking up to your eye glued shut. That should be fun. Almost as much fun as trying to wash everything she’s touched and trying to keep her from touching her brothers, because she can’t stop touching that eye.

But neither will compare to holding her down and putting drops in her eye. The fun around here is just nonstop baby.

posting again about…trash cans

Look at me! I’m posting again! I am proud of myself, you should be too, since we know none of us really believed this was going to happen. My sister and I put together a bunk bed from IKEA on monday. I feel as if I could just leave this post with that statement alone and it would be enough. I have never seen so many little unidentifiable pieces. But it is together and seems to be servicable. Jena is slightly terrified of how big it is, but Grant is loving it. Just one more adjustment to add to the mix, we like keeping it raw over here.

On the moving front, I still have the same half dozen boxes sitting in my garage that I had there since a week after we moved, and we are now coming up on the one month mark. It is mostly stuff for the kids’ room, and well, there’s usually someone sleeping in that room. Also I need trash cans. I have a million places to put them and I only own four. I actually picked up more at IKEA when we bought the bed, but somehow they managed to not come home with me. I think there is a trash can conspiracy going on, they know they will be used for nasty diapers and they bailed on me. I don’t blame them really, but I still need them. In the meantime I have decided that the upstairs can only have one of the aforementioned trash cans. So I aimlessly wander the upstairs trying to remember which room I have most recently decided is the most strategic place for the sole trash can…kid’s room, guest bathroom, master bath, ect.

And well that’s all for now.

hello? hello? echo echo

Why hello! I am alive over here. We did this crazy thing called, moving. I don’t know why people do it really, it is just insane, packing stuff in boxes, carrying boxes up stairs, opening boxes, taking stuff out of them, craziness, really. It has consumed us, ok so it’s consumed me. I don’t think anyone else has really paid attention. I, on the other hand have been spending my nights hanging pictures, and rearranging drawers and trying to figure out which place is the best for all the stuff.

I’m almost done though, half a dozen boxes or so. I saw or so, ’cause I thought I had half a dozen boxes…half a dozen boxes ago. I will have both cars in the garage by the end of the weekend though, mark my words. Here’s a short update list in no attempt at logical order to catch you up.

Most importantly, my sister is flying in tonight! Yippie! We are all very excited. She is actually going to sleepover in our new guest room, our first real guest. I can’t wait.


I love my new house, and I miss my old home, all at the same time. It is strange and sobering.


It’s time to register the big kid’s for school next year already. We know Jena is ready, easy decision there. Grant, our summer baby, well we’re still trying to discern what the best route is for him. Pre-k again at Spring of Life with Jena or big boy kindergarten at North Lake Elementary. If it’s kindergarten he would ride a bus. He is rooting for the bus.


I don’t even know how much I’ve mentioned here about our eczema saga with Jacob, but we have had a serious breakthrough. It seems diary hates our family and is lashing out at the youngest, yet again. We found a good anti-itch cream and pulled him off dairy a few weeks ago. I have a little baby again! Not a poor battered looking child. Face, arms and legs are clear and feet are better than they’ve been in ¬†months. Very exciting!


We all celebrated the move by catching and passing on strep throat! What a party! I’d never felt pain like that in my throat, it was like party heels dancing in my throat, killer. Getting a kid swabbed is no fun, in case you were wondering. Hoping not to have to repeat that process. We’re all better now. Hoping to stay that way now that our stress level has supposedly decreased.


That’s all for now friends. Regular updates will be resuming soon. Pictures too…I just need to find all the supplies that will require, as my phone has decided uploading pictures is beneath it.

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