Look at me! I’m posting again! I am proud of myself, you should be too, since we know none of us really believed this was going to happen. My sister and I put together a bunk bed from IKEA on monday. I feel as if I could just leave this post with that statement alone and it would be enough. I have never seen so many little unidentifiable pieces. But it is together and seems to be servicable. Jena is slightly terrified of how big it is, but Grant is loving it. Just one more adjustment to add to the mix, we like keeping it raw over here.

On the moving front, I still have the same half dozen boxes sitting in my garage that I had there since a week after we moved, and we are now coming up on the one month mark. It is mostly stuff for the kids’ room, and well, there’s usually someone sleeping in that room. Also I need trash cans. I have a million places to put them and I only own four. I actually picked up more at IKEA when we bought the bed, but somehow they managed to not come home with me. I think there is a trash can conspiracy going on, they know they will be used for nasty diapers and they bailed on me. I don’t blame them really, but I still need them. In the meantime I have decided that the upstairs can only have one of the aforementioned trash cans. So I aimlessly wander the upstairs trying to remember which room I have most recently decided is the most strategic place for the sole trash can…kid’s room, guest bathroom, master bath, ect.

And well that’s all for now.