So it looks like Jena has an eye infection. She woke up this morning and seemed to be fine. She had a little green nasty in the corner of her eye, but she’s had a runny nose, we find green nasty just about everywhere on her face. Around lunch time we’re at Sea World watching shamu and I look down and her whole eye is swollen and pouring nasty.

Can some one please tell me how that happened in a matter of hours? Craziness.

So she’s taking her nap and we’ll have to run her up to the little clinic when she gets up. Of course her getting up will be fun I’m sure. Every almost three year loves the sensation of waking up to your eye glued shut. That should be fun. Almost as much fun as trying to wash everything she’s touched and trying to keep her from touching her brothers, because she can’t stop touching that eye.

But neither will compare to holding her down and putting drops in her eye. The fun around here is just nonstop baby.