I was watching Romeo and Juliet (the trippy 90s version, not the classic) with Neil earlier this week. It’s not my favorite movie, but he was sick and I was feeling generous. Normally I wouldn’t have thought much about it afterward, but that scene when Mercutio dies (who ironically was Micheal from LOST, we enjoyed that tidbit) will not leave my head. He’s been stabbed in a brawl and is stumbling backwards in the sand screaming to the feuding families ‘A PLAGUE! A PLAGUE ON BOTH YOUR HOUSES.’ Over and over and over he says it, in the movie and in my head.

Now none of us have murdered our friend and had him call down a curse on our family…I think…yeah pretty sure about that. Nonetheless, it feels as if there has been a plague on my house this week.

It all started with a little green goop in Jena’s eye on Saturday. That turned into Pink Eye, then Neil got the plague, then I’m up all night with Jena who is up hacking and crying and waking her brothers up, then Jacob starts hacking, and then he gets the Pink as well (even though I’d already changed and washed all sheet and pillow cases and cribs and bunk beds are a pain in the you know what!), then Jacob gets the fever, then Grant gets the fever, then Jena wakes up screaming that her ear hurts, and that leaves us at today.

A plague on both your houses. Yes I heard you Mercutio. I, however, did not kill you, you may remove your plague now. Thank you.