As you can see I’ve gotten quite good at this intermitent posting thing.

I’m just hear to give you a quick update on the plague and possibly some other things…as I usually tend to ramble. We are now on day 18 and this is the first day all five of us have been in our respective public places, AT THE SAME TIME. I am quite happy, beyond actually. Of course not before every member had gotten pink eye (minus Neil) and the plague and we even threw in a case of pneumonia for the littlest guy, ’cause we just needed a little more fun. Yes, even I succumbed to a minor version of the plague myself and followed it up with a lovely case of pink eye, which was really only notable because I had no eye make up on for four days (while I was on drops), in public no less!  I didn’t know who that woman in the mirror was, she had no eyes!

We all still have the occassional cough and the kid’s noses are still pouring, but it’s clear! Oh blessed clear. The complaints of cold this morning were because it actually was cold…for Florida…yes I know it was not REALLY cold, but we had almost 90 and then 50s showed up and I’m all ‘Hello? Who are you?’ Ok that was a horrible sentence…moving on.

I just want to thank you all for all of your prayers, I am hoping to have now paid my dues and we will all remain well FOREVER. Also it is my 8th anniversary, and though I had plans to write a sappy (not really) anniversary post, I will suffice it to say we are both eternally grateful to be able to stay up past 8:30 tonight and go out while someone else watches our non-contagious children. Happy Anniversary baby! *cough cough cough*