Dear Grant,

I’m not really sure when it happened, I swear just yesterday you were whining to me about something totally inconsiquential like a complete baby, but this afternoon, you acted all grown up. Not in the self important, you think you’re big now, but in the quiet mature, wow you really are big now.

I picked you up from school and you calmly, yet happily came to give me a hug. The teacher didn’t have to tell you not to run at all. You looked peaceful and happy and rested. You were no longer missing your nap, practically dragging by the end of the day. You sat in your seat and carried on an actually conversation with me, paying attention. It was not filled with ‘what?’ ‘huh?’ and ‘i don’t know’ as you spaced off into the distance. I got real answers and a big boy smile.

I’m proud of you kid, you’re a good kid, and I’m really happy for days like this when I can see it so clearly. Because it really was yesterday when you were whining about nothing and it will be tomorrow again too. But the big boy is shinning through these days, and I think he’s pretty great.

Love you,