First order of business, sexyback11. Lost 1.5ish pounds this week! yay! I say ish, ’cause it’s not a digital scale and really first thing in the morning I can’t see exactly where that line falls, and I am certaintly not going to weigh again later in the day. Anyone whose’s ever been on a diet should know that’s just craziness. I only worked out twice with my x-box trainer, but I swam with the kids and played kinect adventures with Grant so I’m saying I hit my goal. Eating out, well we ate out for father’s day and then again tonight. I’m not counting father’s day, so we’re good. Man I am good at justifying, bend a little here, stretch a little there, and it’s all good, scary.

In other news. Neil and Grant are off on their grand Michigan adventure, I will not see them for real again for 10 days. I’ve never been apart from either of them for that long. I’m feeling very mixed at the moment. Jena was not to pleased we left daddy and Jacob screamed half the hour ride home because he missed them so much already…or the sun was in his eyes…it’s really hard to tell at that age.

I have grand plans for us three (or just me) left at home, beach trips, blogging everyday, catching up with all my friends, play dates, reading a couple books. Since my head has only been able to process that there is one less kid to take care of it hasn’t really processed that there is also now one less adult to take care of the remaining two. All this free time I think I’m going to have is most likely going to end up being a joke, but for now it staves off missing them, so I’ll keep it thank you.

Grant wanted to take a picture of us before he left, which I thought was sweet. Here it is.