So I’m halfway through this Neil and Grant’s Michigan vacation. I must say this has been easier than I thought. I’m not sure I could put it better than a status I had a few days in “I feel like I’ve been training for a marathon, but I’m only running a 5k.” Our family seems like it’s always in marathon mode, which isn’t a bad thing, it’s hard, but rewarding.

Right now, it’s just easy-going. The kids are happy getting more mommy time, I’m happy the house is clean most of the time, I’m not having to cook, I’m caught up on laundry (it is amazing the difference two fewer people makes!), and in true introverted style I am having fun by myself. The amazing thing is how different it was when we only had two. Certainly didn’t feel like easy-going, something to be said for heavy training.

I do miss my men, we all do, but through the amazing iPhone we were able to video Skype the first three days, which was absolutely wonderful and adorable to see Grant so excited. Now that they have reached their destination of the middle of no where, Neil can’t get a strong enough signal for video, boo.

Anyway, I’m knocking on wood. 4 days to go.