First things first, challenge update. I stayed the same this week. Got sick on saturday and exercised not a bit. Looks like the exercise really was helping! Who knew. I’ll be back on it this week, still happy I didn’t lose any ground.

In other news I learned a bit about myself and my family while my big boys were gone.

1) Turns out I’m a clean person, with the state of my house most of the time I would have never guessed it, but I am!

2) When I don’t cook for days I start to get creative and want to cook. I actually made stuffed mushrooms while they were gone, yummy.

3) It is ridiculously easy to keep up with three people’s laundry, I went 5 days in a row without doing a single bit of laundry, because I could, not because I neglected it.

4) I think I raised my voice, once, maybe twice, and only for a moment to get someone’s attention. I never lost my cool and actually enjoyed my kids, for 10 days. I think that is some kind of record, also wondering what I can do to make it more like that all the time.

5)I don’t have many rules. Play nice, don’t whine. I think that about sums it up. Amazingly they seemed better behaved with less rules.

6) I really am an introvert. Who would have thought all those nights alone would have been so enjoyable, certainly not me.

And a totally random bit of news. We finally have real live toy organizers, the kind my husband has been wanting since Jena was born. We didn’t have them because 1) at that point it would have been me putting all them away, not the kids and 2) they are usually 70 bucks a piece, we all know how che, I mean frugal I am. Now that the kids are older, these make much more sense. Then some one at work posted they had 2 to sell for 20 bucks each, it was made to be. I love a good deal, especially one I’ve been looking for.

Minus the big toys that go in the toy box, all the rest are now neat and organized in their little bins. I even have an empty one. Those of us who appreciate organization and order (and we are the majority in this house) are happy.

Behold, I give you…the toy closet.