As anyone whos’e spent time around small children can testify, food has great potential to become Armageddon, minus the fire (I do not give my children access to fire), x including the meteors. With that in mind, I would like to document some recent food wins. Some may feel this is me gloating, I assure you it is not. This is me documenting the existance of miracles, for my own future unbelief. There will come a day, tomorrow, when one of the three will refuse to eat everything they’re offered and I need to have proof that miracles do happen. Here goes.

We made pasta with beans and tomoatoes on Saturday night, and only one kid complained. Jacob ate two helpings and started a third. This is also a miracle because I cooked it. It required chopping garlic and onions and using canned tomatoes, all things never done in this house before (minus the onions I do love me my onions).

I have finally made a hummus lover out of one of the kids! Jacob and I shared carrots and hummus saturday. I didn’t even care that he kept double dipping his slobbery carrott using it more like a shovel than food itself. He ate hummus, and he liked it! I am finally not the only hummus eater in the house. Those BOGO Publix deals will no longer push the edge of expiration in my fridge, score!

And that is all, for now. However, I just signed up for the gluten free emeals plan last week. So I will either have more wins or a slew of horror stories for you soon. So far we’re one win, one normal (complaints and picking out what they like). But at least something of both was eaten, so that’s two wins in my book. Stay tuned.