So I’ve been busy living life over here. Turns out the more I have to write about, the less I actually write. Also not blogging turns your blog traffic to zilch! nada! nothing!

I’ve clearly not kept you updated on the #sexyback11 challenge as promised. Whenever we left off I had gained back  1/2 pound and the following week I had stayed there and then the next week I forgot all about weighing in and well I don’t even really know where we are now. I was within 1 pound of my goal when I stopped and it seemed like it was over. However, I am now back to lose that last 1.5 pounds before Labor day. Had to take up the entire challenge with those 8 pounds you know. As for working out, yeah haven’t done any of that in weeks, but I do stairs! Lots of stairs, God bless the two-story house. But not eating out has been a huge win. We are doing fantastic in that area. I’ve kept with the e-mealz and we’ve had food that tastes good for dinner, at our house! Turns out it’s much harder to not have seconds when you really like what you’re eating…who knew? Enough about the challenge.

I’ve picked up a few hobbies in the last few weeks. The first is Battlestar Gallactica, OMG. I fear I may be obsessed, even now as I type this my brain is screaming HURRY UP WOMAN! THE KIDS ARE IN BED YOU COULD BE WATCHING BATTLESTAR GALACTICA! We have a few weekend trips we are planning and I am trying not to think about having to go days (like two, maybe even three!) in a row without watching a single episode, it is going to be torture, torture I tell you!

But onto saner things…like knitting! Yes knitting, you heard me right. Despite a myriad of jokes about going grey (which I already am under the dye anyway, so there!) and aging over night, I have indeed taken up the craft of knitting. I find it fun and I can multitask while doing it, which is always a plus in my book. My first project was a little wash cloth, which came out fairly good. The next was a baby doll blanket for Jena. This was a more complex pattern and let’s just say it had a bit of a learning curve, that and they kids got a hold of it one Saturday while I was sleeping and it turns out ripped out stitches turn into holes! learning! Jena, however, was still thrilled with it, and I’m pretty impressed myself. I’m currently working on blanket binding for a blanket for Jacob’s birthday. I’ve wanted to make him a blanket since before he was born. Being a third child he had not a thing made for him, while the other two, a first boy and a first girl, had tons made for them. I am very excited to be able to rectify that. I’ll try to post a picture of it when it’s done. In the meantime, enjoy the picture of Jena and her new dolly blanket. When she say the picture she said, ‘I habs sad eyes.’ I asked her if she wanted to take one smiling and she said ‘no, I like da sad eye one.’