First day of kindergarten, do I really need to say more? I don’t have the energy to go into all the bus/school saga that has been going on around here, but it all came to a head today…and then someone chopped that head off…only then to realize that head was mine! So I ran around all day without it only to find it again at 5 and it had a headache, sigh. I’m ready for bed now, but the kids are still messing around and my recently reattached head does not want to deal with it.

Today’s hi’s and low’s at the dinner table.

Grant: my faborite part of the day was playing at the park at school. My sad part was not having a lot of time to play after school (pouty lip)….oh wait no no, my faborite part wasn’t the park, that was just a really good part, it was seeing mommy at my bus stop after school and not having to walk home (sweet smile).

Jena: my favorite part was taking Grant to school! Dat was soooo much fun! (uber excited face) My sad part is daddy not home, he still in Cororado (sad face).

Jacob: Gant! scooo! daddy! (shovels eggs into his mouth…yes we had eggs for dinner)

And of course a few pictures.

getting ready to take Grant to school
Are you excited Grant?
off we go

And he did great. For as nervous as he was the few weeks prior, he woke up back in command this morning. He was completely fine, and I am completely exhausted. May I please be excused?