Scene: helping Grant write sentences with his sight words for homework.

Grant: what’s the next letter I need to write.
Me: n
Grant: n is not a letter, its a word!
Me: it is a word, that’s right, it’s also a letter.
Grant: I don’t remember how to write n
Me: sure you do it’s in your name, it’s this letter.
Grant: that’s not an n mommy!
Me: yes it is, write it down please.
Grant: it’s not an n! It’s an h!
Me: no it’s an n. Write it down.
Me: Grant, which of us knows how to read here?
Grant: daddy
Me: no here, me or you.
Grant: me, I am learning!
Me: yes you are learning, and I am teaching and I’m telling you that is an n.
Grant: (stubborn silence)
Me: fine, write the wrong letter, it’s your homework.
Grant: there see, I wrote an n. (mumbling) even though it’s really an h.

I am sure my father and my grandfather would have got a good laugh out of this. Reinig genes run strong.