Spent part of the weekend looking for a new place to live, again. It is reminding me of all sorts of things, how different my preferences and priorities in housing are from my husband’s, how many places there are to choose from, how little I actually like this process.

Still praying about what we are to do, rent, buy, stay. Neil is on the stay side, he likes the burbs, the house, the no commute, but he is also not going to put the family in a precarious financial position to do so. I’m on the move out somehow side, leaning toward rent at the moment. Neil likes the nice places, newer, ready-made, and I’m dying for something with unrealized (yet) potential. Neither of us are really sure what the next step is, so many things to factor in, including school zones and preschools now too. It’s just one more unknown in this journey of life. Prays for direction are always appreciated.