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November 2011

hair cuts

I gave Jacob his first haircut this week. It has taken me until yesterday to recognize him as my baby. He looks so different. When Grant for saw him after school he laughed his head off and said that was not his brother. Then five minutes later as they were playing, he yells out, mommy it sounds like Jacob, but it doesn’t look like him!

He is very proud of new look, and I must say I am too. For a semi wiggly two year old haircut, I think I did a pretty good job.

A bit puffed up with my success, I decided to go for Grant’s hair too. Tonight we gave Grant a faux hawk. Totally his idea I might add. I was going for a shorter messy look and he said he wanted it all up in the middle. It was a little short for that by the time he told me, but we made it work.

I can tell he likes it, but he’s also self conscious about it. He’s concerned everyone else will not like it, except Papa and Nana. He’s pretty sure they will like it, but they like anything and everything he does, I think he’s safe there. He’s already got plans to flatten it for school, he doesn’t think his teachers will like it. If you see him, don’t you dare laugh. I’m proud of him for stepping out, it’s hard for him. And he looks adorable!

Maybe it’s time for Jena’s first haircut, I’m on a roll.

When did your kids get their first haircut? Two years too? Older? Younger?

so I’m not allowed to be responsible…

I keep getting asked what’s the status on the move. So here it is.

We’re not moving.

Last weekend or maybe the weekend before…time gets away. After another day attempting to find a place to live Neil and I started talking again about the whole situation. We’ve both been praying since my job change about what we were going to do, how we were going to make this work, moving seemed like the most responsible solution. Right? Wrong.

God told me to stop being so responsible.

Now before you go off quoting verses at me, let me qualify. We are fiscally responsible people, we got ourselves out of debt, save for retirement and contribute to an emergency fund, you know your typical Dave Ramsey stuff. We are not where I would like us to be, but there is really no end to how responsible I would like us to be. I feel like God told me, we are responsible enough, something else needs to take priority, like relationships. We have just met some of the neighbors in the last few months since school started, the kids are making friends, Grant has just adjusted to school, and we have friends here too. Relationships.

I’ve also felt God telling me I need to trust in him more than my emergency fund. What was that God? Aren’t you an American graduate of financial peace university? Oh…you’re not? Well that puts a different spin on things. So we’re trusting God, who has miraculously made ends meet for the last three months now, and I’m a little bit nervous and a lot bit excited to see how he’s going to continue to do so for the next year.

So even though I am still not entirely comfortable with it, we both feel at peace. And I’ve found that I do agree with God, in this case, relationships are definitely worth paying for…just not in a creepy doll housish way or anything.

So here’s to relationships and staying put!

ps. I’m not a Dave Ramsey hater, I really do appreciate his advice! All I’m saying is in a God vs. Dave Ramsey match, God wins, I think Dave would agree.

God ever told you to do something counter cultural? How did it work out? I could really use a few good stories right now.

My first parent Halloween

I know what you’re thinking. Hasn’t Grant been around for a few Halloween’s already? You are a smart one. Yes, he’s been around for six actually. This year, however, was the first year he, and therefore parent me, has ever done anything on Halloween. We never celebrated it before because…well…we could get away with it. The kids were too little to even know it existed and there was no school to teach them otherwise and it was just one less thing I had to do. I have three children, I have enough to do.

This year however was different. This year, not only was Grant in school, but we lived in a neighborhood with kids, lots of kids. I didn’t have candy, which meant we had to get out. So we got everyone all dressed up and we left. Here we are having just arrived at Tijuana Flats to get our free kids meals for having the kids in costumes.

Side note: I thought Halloween was supposed to be the fun easy holiday? I had to fight the kids tooth and nail to get their costumes on, and more than half were mad at me by the end. Also I have never heard so much screaming and crying in one place as I did at Tijuana Flats that night from all the happily costumed children.

After dinner however, cowboy perked up,

Mr. Incredible decided he didn’t look stupid without his mask (since he cut up the one I made him because he ‘looked stupid’ in it, then threw a fit when we left because he didn’t have a mask!), the ghetto alterations I made to Korean Princess’s hanbok had fallen out (yes I did use a heavy duty paper clip to alter it),

and we were on our way to a festival! (still too early to go home, we might have actually had tricker treaters) So the kids got one handful of candy each, which they thought was great. A whole handful! I got like ten pieces! Oh the beauty of ignorance. They also jumped, slid, and climbed their heart out on all the inflatables. They had a total blast, so much so that Jena let out her signature ear-piercing scream when she realized we were leaving. Which was heard, and drew stares, even over the blasting music and other screaming children. Yes, my three-year old was able to scream louder than 100+ screaming children combined, that is talent. It’s too bad I can’t use that to power the house, energy!

And I will leave you with an audio clip, that is actually a video clip you can see nothing on. Jacob was saying ‘ticky teet!’ the whole car ride from the restaurant to the festival (all 4 mins). What you’re getting is all he would give me once the camera was on. If you listen past the ‘poopie’ you can hear it one time, it’s adorable and totally worth the almost 30 seconds it took to get it out of him again. You’re welcome.


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