I gave Jacob his first haircut this week. It has taken me until yesterday to recognize him as my baby. He looks so different. When Grant for saw him after school he laughed his head off and said that was not his brother. Then five minutes later as they were playing, he yells out, mommy it sounds like Jacob, but it doesn’t look like him!

He is very proud of new look, and I must say I am too. For a semi wiggly two year old haircut, I think I did a pretty good job.

A bit puffed up with my success, I decided to go for Grant’s hair too. Tonight we gave Grant a faux hawk. Totally his idea I might add. I was going for a shorter messy look and he said he wanted it all up in the middle. It was a little short for that by the time he told me, but we made it work.

I can tell he likes it, but he’s also self conscious about it. He’s concerned everyone else will not like it, except Papa and Nana. He’s pretty sure they will like it, but they like anything and everything he does, I think he’s safe there. He’s already got plans to flatten it for school, he doesn’t think his teachers will like it. If you see him, don’t you dare laugh. I’m proud of him for stepping out, it’s hard for him. And he looks adorable!

Maybe it’s time for Jena’s first haircut, I’m on a roll.

When did your kids get their first haircut? Two years too? Older? Younger?