So I’ve lost track of how many days into this we are, which is really a testament more to my counting skills…or lack thereof…than the actual amount time that has passed. I do know this, we are rounding out the first month. I have learned some things here at home, I’ve decided to share, briefly, yes it is possible.

Here goes.

1. Sleep is not an option for this job, way more necessary than any other job I’ve ever had. I MUST have a good nights sleep or a nap or it’s not pretty.

2. Wearing your hair lots of colors is awesome, dyeing it lots of colors slightly less awesome.

3. I have so much nail polish it’s ridiculous, also I have a hard time deciding on one color.

4. I really do enjoy challenges, I cannot tell you how rewarding it is to finish a day doing something that stretches you.

5. Being caught up on the laundry is pretty cool, doing some form of laundry almost every day of the week, yeah not so much.

6. Having margin in your life rocks as much as all those books said it would.

7. Bottle feeding is for the birds!

8. Babies are cuter than I remembered.

9. This job is way more active than an office job, I’m so out of shape

10. ok maybe I couldn’t think of another at the moment…

I’m interested to see what the six week point will bring. It was the point, with all three children, when I was screaming to go back to work. A few more weeks will tell.