Remember, back here, when I learned I was too out of shape for this job? I was right! Just over a week ago I managed to pull a muscle in my back. For the 80% of you that have experienced back pain in your life (can you tell I like to research everything?), you can just imagine what that was like. Nothing like being incapacitated with four children running/crawling around. Good news: watching children with a bad back is not so bad. Children are apparently like ants and laying/sitting/stretching on the floor is like turning yourself into a picnic. Like moths to a flame or bees to honey (have I overdone the analogies yet?) they stuck to me like glue (had to get in one more!). So that’s what we did all day for most of a week. Then I hobbled around to make lunch and scooted up the stairs for nap time (yes you read that right and no I do not have video, thank god). Bad news: doing laundry, picking things up from the floor, vacuuming and doing anything requiring the stairs or loading kids in car-seats, virtually impossible! My house looked like hurricane Byce had hit, hard.

By the end of the week, when I could move again, somewhat, I started doing Yoga, via Netflix (have I ever mentioned my love affair with Netflix? Everything and anything my nerdy heart could desire instantly delivered on my phone). Wow a few days of that and I thought I was cured. I could move without pain, had full range of motion back, and then I stopped, for two days, and discovered how truly out of shape I am. It started to come back! I apparently have so little stomach/back muscles regular everyday activities are too much for me. I had blamed the original strain on lifting kids over a baby gate all day, but I had forgone use of the baby gate as soon as this all occurred. I had no more excuses, I am out of shape.

I have to do something. I had already decided that I wanted to walk/run more this year. It’s simple and easy, and that’s what I do. So I’ve set a goal, 200 miles this year. For all you experience runners out there, that’s probably a joke, but it’s where I am.  Actually that’s a lie, it is far above me! Especially once the hot season arrives in all its furry, but I’m still going for it. I’ve already been tracking my miles for fun (yes that’s fun for me!) on my phone since January. I’m currently at 23.38 miles, I need to get my butt moving. However, I also need to do some sort of muscle toning. Something for my abs and/or back. I have no idea where to start and I’m not doing straight up crunches everyday.

What do you all do? Anybody have any good routines? YouTube videos? Netflix videos? iPhone apps? Please leave them in the comments. I’m all ears.