I’ll try to complete an entire top ten list this time. Since I’ve been writing this post in my head for a month now this should be no problem, should.

10. Ponytails rock, I may never wear another hairstyle again.
9. I actually really like wearing no make up. Worked better for me before our humidity returned, but I still like it.
8. Cooking in an oven is a significantly pleasanter experience when you don’t feel like your eyes are about to be melted shut upon removing the food from said oven (see no. 9)
7. Watching kids play outside everyday successfully tans the front of your legs and that’s all there is, right?
6. Shorts are not actually the evil I thought they were, I’ve even bought another pair!
5. I find dirt everywhere now, sometimes I wish I could go back to not seeing it as I’m still not cleaning it.
4. However nap time is used it is a gift from God almighty. (This was already known, but it bears repeating)
3. Running is fun
2. Don’t go a week without adult time! (another that bears repeating)
1. Play outside as much as possible! I keep forgetting this one and then I wonder what’s wrong with me, it’s one of the biggest pro to this job!

And here’s a bonus for you.
*every kid is different, no matter how many you have/watch! (another that just bears repeating!)