We’ve had a number of good dinners lately, I’ve thought. However, I have been one of the only ones to hold this opinion on most of them, so I have not posted.

But tonight! Oh tonight was sheer bliss! An amazingly easy recipe that four out of the five us ate to the last drop and the fifth still ate bites without a fuss.

I give you black bean soup. Many thanks to my sister for sharing the recipe that was the inspiration for what I ended up making.

2 cans of black beans (I used cooked dried) rinsed
1 cup of chunky salsa (we used pace chunky hot from a BOGO at Publix)
1.5 cups of chicken broth (we used progresso reduced sodium, also a BOGO at Publix)

Blend all until smooth and heat.


It called for blending the whole thing, I kept out half the beans and blended the rest. My children like to think they know what they are eating so I knew I needed to have actual recognizable black beans present. It worked!

The above recipe says it makes four servings, I think that’s a bit low. Neil and I only had a cup with a large salad and the kids each had a full ladle and it was gone. I will be doubling it next time, for sure.

Side note: Jacob also ate a whole little salad. I could not believe my eyes and can’t resist the opportunity to share it, it may never happen again!

This recipe was gluten free, dairy and soy free if the above brands are used.