I remembered my log in information on the first try! It’s meant to be. I have missed you all in the last year. But I am back, it is time.

So last night. Last night I made my first 911 call. Spoiler alert: no body died. I don’t want any of you having a heart attack while you read the rest of the post. Now let me back up.

Last night Neil and I were out with another couple, with no kids. Like we have a whole load of kids between us, and none were there. I’m just going to let that sink in for a minute, because it’s never happened to us before. A social, fun event, with friends, and no kids. And given the circumstances, it was probably the perfect set up for what happened. I was happy, relaxed and not needing to stress about my kids through the whole situation. For that I am thankful.

So it’s getting late and we decide its time to go. Neil goes to the driver side, puts the key in unlocks the door, and then looks at my like why aren’t you getting in? I’m standing there puzzled by all the glass on the pavement, thinking I don’t remember all that when I got out, I wonder what happened here, did I really walk through all that and not notice? Then I look up and realize my window is missing. I immedeatly knew what happened. I didn’t even look in the car before I just started saying my purse, neil my purse, I left in the car, I always put it in the trunk, why did I do that. Neil is still looking confused at this point as well as looking at me like a crazy person. He’s all like why aren’t you getting in the car? I’m like, my window. He’s like what about it? I’m like, well it’s gone, blank stare, it’s all over the pavement, blank stare, they broke my window and stole my purse! Light bulb moment and he jumps into action.

We start inventorying what was in my purse, check card, a little bit of cash, all my lip gloss (oh no!), klenex, cough drops, a bunch of paper, kid’s toys, nail polish, hundreds of dollars of $5 off and UDI’s gluten free bread coupons (my biggest felt loss). The men look around a bit thinking they might have grabbed the wallet and trashed the purse, we realize they also stole my reusable shopping bad with a pepper grinder and some tea. At that point I just start laughing, I mean the absurdity of stealing that stupid reusable shopping bag.

Then starts the round of calls. 911, whats your address, we’ll send someone out. Bank, very nice representative, made me realize I also had a check book in there, card and bank account now frozen, fraudulent charges identified and flagged. Get this, they spent 37 dollars at McDonalds and got gas. How do you spend 37 dollars at McDonalds? I mean it’s MsDonald’s, was this one person? I hope to God they didn’t eat all that, gross. Still waiting for the police I get an email (yes I had my phone, it lives in my pocket thank god, that would have been the most difficult/expensive thing to replace) it’s from Discover card fraud protection. Now to those of you that know me, you’ll know how odd this is. I don’t do credit cards, I did not even know I had a credit card in my purse, apparently it was buried in my wallet from years ago. Now we get more funny. I called the number and they start reading off the charges, chevron, 7-11 (what kinda gas guzzler are they driving?), redbox (seriously, I laughed on the phone at that one), and a whole string of little tiny charges when it finally occured to them…if you’re going to steal a purse get something big. Then they went to wal mart and tried to charge 500 dollar transactions a few times. But all the other garbage they got had already frozen my account so those didn’t go through. A real criminal mastermind at work ladies and gentlemen.

So at this point there are still no cops, Neil’s called twice, we are next in line, but it’s been an hour and a half and nothing. He’s about to call again and he remembers that during the course of the night we realize I’ve never made a 911 call before (is it really that common? I didn’t realize I was in the minority in this). So I make the final call, and the dispatcher tells me, it’s saturday, it’s busy, did you know you can log this type of crime online? (Another laguh moment) So we now clean the rest of the glass out of my window, say buy to our friends, go get the kids and head home, it’s somewhere about 1am by this point.

To make a short story even longer. I have a list of thankfuls and prayer requests.

I am grateful that the kids were not with us, the would have provided a much large dose of stress to what proved to be actually very stressless so far. I am grateful to my friend who had an entire stack of $5 off coupons and shared with me (and I know that sounds minor, but it was really huge). I am grateful there is no damage to the car, just the window. I am grateful no one was hurt. I am grateful we have good fraud protection, and while I usually hate our big bank, in these instances (because yes our card/number has been stolen before) they are phenomenal. I am thankful we were with friends, it really made it more of an extension on a party than anything. I am thankful that even though they stole the last overnight cold pill I had my sinuses were clear enough to sleep without it last night. I am thankful it was beautiful night and I got an extra 1.5 hours of fresh air. I am thankful all the cash I had just gotten was NOT in my purse. I am thankful we had just went to the grocery store that afternoon, before all means of payment were frozen. I am thankful for great friends that encouraged me to start rereading 1000 gifts just this week and radically effected my perspective on the whole incident. Over all I am just grateful, and like I told Neil. Boy have we got a story to tell now.

Please do pray that we can get the car fixed quickly and that I didn’t put a big deductible on whatever covers that when we took our insurance to the bones when I lost my job a year an a half ago. Also pray that the envelope of money would turn up, we know it was not in my purse, and we will be needing gas soon. And while you’re praying all the kids have been coughing FOREVER, you could pray for that to stop too.

And there you have it. Thank you guys, looking forward to more.