We’re moving! The end of a stressful crazy housing saga will be coming to a close in just a few short weeks. But I have not been blogging in oh forever so let me back up.

Before the holidays (read MONTHS ago) we were having dinner with my parents. My dad was talking about how he wants to diversify his retirement, stocks suck, property good, something official, like that. One thing leads to another and they are asking, since we currently rent, would we rent from them?

At this point alarms are going off for the wiser, more experience lot of which I will now count myself. But past tense us gave it little thought before saying sure, why not? Oh I don’t know, because looking for housing is a nightmare, looking in the foreclosure/short-sale market is a special breed of insane, pleasing 7 different people with one home is virtually impossible, the area we live in is blowing up right now, and I really didn’t want to move AGAIN. Yeah those might possibly work for a few why nots. Those did not become apparent however, until months into this process when I am beyond stressed out dragging umtine kids to look at places left and right that were nice, but I felt guilty I could not make “it.” But it doesn’t matter now, because this morning an offer was finally accepted! And it’s NOT a foreclosure or short-sale so an acceptance actually means something!

We are moving about 5 units up the street from our current place. I am losing a bit in the kitchen, I like our current floor plan better, and it has oak cabinets everywhere (that will be changing eventually!), but I am gaining a balcony and a garden tub and extra space in the kids’ bedroom and even a bit of a lake view, which will trump the upcoming construction this place is slated to get across the street. Neil has always liked that floor plan better, and happy wife happy life! But, you know, the man version…I couldn’t think of anything catchy. Nothing rhymes with husband…busband, rusband, loveland! Wow that was special. Moving on.

I haven’t got to the best part, it’s move in ready. I mean it’s painted and upgraded and significantly cleaner than this place! It looks like no one ever even used those bathrooms, and there’s no fingerprints or scuffs on the lower portions of every wall…is that what houses with adults only look like?

I am so relieved it’s all over, the move seems like nothing compared to the search. Now that it’s over we are very grateful for the opportunity and looking forward to the move. There really was a win-win out there.

I am a bit puzzled as to how you do this type of move though. I’m not exactly experienced with in neighborhood moves. Do you rent a truck for a move up the street? Borrow some pick ups? Create an assembly line? Walk it down? I suppose we’ll find out! Anybody have a longtime dream of becoming a mover? I have an opportunity for you, and I’ll even feed you..something. It will hopefully be the last time for a very long time.