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May 2013

cause I don’t have enough to do

So I have announcement, one that I fear may confirm everyone’s suspicions that I am, indeed, crazy. We’ve decided, or rather I’ve decided and used my magical powers of persuasion to show Neil that he should decide too (which he did, I make a convincing case when I believe in something) to home school. Why? Well because I get bored easily and I need a challenge, ha ha ha. No really, I’m beginning to wonder if that isn’t the real reason, though I have an entire page of other more legitimate reasons (part of that convincing case). It really boils down to family lifestyle. Right now we have the availability to not have our family life consist primarily of running from one place to the next and not having our kids see each other near as much as they want to (yes they actually WANT to play together, most of the time). So seize the day! right? Right?

Anyway. For those that are already homeschooling I would REALLY appreciate some pointers.

I know I need to send off a letter of intent, but after that…well there seem to be a lot of options after that. What did you chose and why? What are the differences?

And curriculum pointers please, specifically reading. I am a bit nervous about that one. I learned young enough that I don’t remember a thing about the process, so I’m starting from scratch! But some sort of Bible that would cover all their ages somewhat would be fantastic as well. Anything else you’ve absolutely loved or feel has helped you out in your process, I’m all ears! Advise away, I’m asking for it! Now how often does someone actually ask for advice, seize the day people!


UPDATE: We have found 3 of the 4 listed below. The arm band and Neosporin (which ended up being the off brand, technically) were each in their very own suitcase and the nut straining bag was in our inbox. All of which make so so much sense. I guess I will just have content myself with the kiddie bulb syringe. I mean it is miraculously working on my giant Reinig nose, perhaps I should take it as a sign and just stop looking. You can all stop holding your breath now. Thanks.

So we are mostly settled, a few pictures left to hang and some curtains and I’d like to paint, but everything is unpacked and put away. However we are missing the most random assortment of things. To date the list consists of:

running arm band
adult bulb syringe
nut straining bag

I know It was just kinda take and go at the end, but that seems like a very odd assortment to be possibly stuck together someplace. It’s like where’s Waldo, but not.

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