Dear Grant,

It’s your birthday, well, almost, if you want to get technical (as you are prone to do). Technically, you were born at 11:05PM, the only child whose birth minute I can remember without the aid of a birth certificate. However, such a late birthday would suck, for you who has rarely ever seen that time of night in your short life, if, we let you get technical. So for now, it’s your birthday!

You are still my strong willed, sweet spirited baby boy. You love to be valued for the things you know. You volunteer to help the younger ones with their school work and were playing teacher to them long before we made the decision to teach you all primarily at home. Many a person has learned the hard way not to challenge you when you spout off some random fact, like the date the dodo bird became extinct. You are almost always right. Your aptitude to collect facts is amazing. You have excelled in school earning your first trophy this year. Instead of learning 300 site words, you learned 1000, incredible. Your desire to learn warms my heart.

Your brother and sister both love to be with you, and Jacob especially is so excited you won’t be leaving him everyday for school anymore. I love watching you two play now that he is bigger.

Your recent obsessions revolve mostly around video games. You and daddy play almost every night, with you practicing during the day to be able to beat him. The beating him being the important part, you are still highly competitive. The outdoors has an appeal this year for you too, however. You mastered your two wheeled bike earlier this year and take great pride in riding in the grass. You also learned to swim just this summer. Goggles were the magic trick. You put them on and took off like you’d been swimming your whole life. We never thought you could tan, but your love of swimming has proven us wrong.

Mommy and Daddy are both very proud of you. Watching you overcome your fears and develop into a caring and intellegent little person has been an amazing journey so far. Looking forward to journeying with you for many more years.

Love you bunches,