The long awaited day has come! and gone, I’m late, sorry. Turns out you have to do a few things when you buy a car, especially out of state. It’s been a little busy, here’s the story.

I told you we were working with MATS, they were super nice and very helpful with information, and didn’t end up finding out van. After a few weeks of looking they emailed us and gave us the skinny. First, my insistence on 8 seats was complicating things. Not as many were made any year, but the older ones were even more rare. Second, the price range would probably need to be moved up (something we weren’t willing to do). They didn’t think they were going to be able to find what we were looking for unless something changed. However, I was contacted due to my last post with information about someone who goes to car auctions for people. So we contacted him and started down that route. Eight days later we had an urgent email. There was a van he thought we’d be interested in going to auction that afternoon, did we want him to bid. Yes! He got it and was even able to sell to us under budget. Double win!

One small issue. It was in Texas. We decided to sleep on it. I woke up to a Facebook message from someone who saw my status about winning the auction (this is why I love Facebook). Anybody wanna guess? He was in Texas, coming home in a few days, did we want him to drive it home?

God is good, and we are now driving it packed up for our first camping trip with Sienna. Yes, we named her, and yes her name is Sienna. This is a family with bears named teddy and bear and pillows named purple pillow and lizards named lizardy. It seemed fitting.

So her she is, four days after we first drove her, welcome sienna! Side note: very glad I insisted on the eighth seat, or we wouldn’t have been able to do this…