Well that time flew by. It’s like when you’re in wal-mart, you just go in for a few things and before you know it you’ve killed an ENTIRE AFTERNOON.

5 ways to kill an afternoon – the wal-mart edition

1. Go for more than one category of thing (food, tolietires, household items, birthday presents, ect) Seriously though, why else would I be here? Only thing worse than wal-mart is half a dozen different stores in one day, shoot me now.

2. Use couponing apps, in store. Envision blocking traffic for 10 minutes in isles already questionably wide enough scanning every varieties they carry trying to figure out which ones qualify for which offer on which app. But hey everyone else was blocking EVERY OTHER ISLE anyway, so when in Rome…

3. Take the family. I knew better, but I hate shopping and even unruly children distract me from my distaste of the sport I was engaged in. Also my children do well in the store, for 45 mins, as do I. Problem is I cannot do wal-mart in 45 mins, daddy was on good behavior and was our only saving grace.

4. Try to check out. Can someone explain to me why a super wal-mart will have 20-30 isles and only staff 5 of them? Everyone in a non express lane has read #1 and has at least 100 items.

5. Go to wal-mart, cause really, that’s all you needed to do to kill your whole afternoon.

So the next time you find yourself with so much time you just don’t know what to do with yourself and your multiple small children. Well you have your answer! Wal-mart, you can thank me later. Just be sure to buy a six pack to recover with when you get home.