I feel there is so much to say on this post that a million could not possibly contain it all. So I’ve decided to brief, well brief for me, which admittedly is not brief, but briefer. So I’ve decided to briefer!

We are adopting! The open house is done, the initial application has been submitted and we are approved by the director to continue! It is a long journey and an expensive one (yikes!), but we are thrilled to be beginning it. We sat down and made our plan and are excited to see how God is going to fill in the gaps. If you’ll forgive me a little charismatic lingo here, we are starting one of the biggest faith journeys we’ve ever been on. It’s little scary and a lot exciting, and I for one am looking forward to sharing it all with everyone. I am so excited some day I feel I will literally burst 🙂

When we were first pregnant our midwifes told us, DO NOT WATCH A BABY STORY! There was no place for trauma, fear, extreme circumstances, and general horror stories if you were out for a peaceful pregnancy and birth. So with that philosophy in mind, we would LOVE to hear your adoption stories or those of your loved ones! Just please no horror stories (we know there out there, and we’ve chosen to do this anyway).

Hey lookie there, that might have actually qualified for real brief, maybe.