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September 2014

music of the gods

Oh blessed music. Neil’s new phone came Friday. This morning I finally took the time to download an album and Nike+ and took it on a run. I swear I was actually smiling (while running!) for the first mile or more. It was amazing! The first few miles were so fast (for me!) I ended the last mile and a half with a serious stitch, but it was totally worth it. In a somewhat unrelated note, I’m finding there are actually some benefits to morning runs. I have an extra evening free when I do a morning run, there are less creepers out in the morning, this time of year it’s actually cooler in the morning and for some stupid reason an extra hour of sleep before midnight seems to count more than the extra hour in the morning. Of course getting up in the dark, being so tired earlier in the day, not stretching as well (I’m already up too early!), and being slower than evenings still sucks. Worst of all is the insane mental hurdle to getting out in the morning, but that does lend itself to a superwoman pay off at the end.

I’m elatedly happy and beginning to feel my early morning already, so it’s time to sign off! Till next time my fellow running crazies and aspiring crazies.

Day 34 of the experiement

I am still smart phoneless, though the dumb phone is still in operation. In fact I’ve even figured out how to add and delete contacts! I am high tech ya know. While it does not seem as though it’s always been this way, it has not been near as hard as imagined. I’m actually still enjoying being untethered, I still feel free and at peace and more engaged in whatever it is I/we are doing.

I do, however, miss my camera. That has been a reoccurring theme, and even though I feel more present in the memories than I used to, there are sometimes I really wish I could have caught the memory. The big camera is just not as easy for me to cart around, it feels awkward, though I suppose that could be mostly in my head.

The children are still annoyed I steal “their” iPad to read my books on. I am still annoyed they run the battery down to the ground every time they use it and then leave it right next to the charger, NOT PLUGGED IN! So I guess we’re even.

Unrelated note, the paperwork for the adoption looked easy, until I actually LOOKED at it. Talk about digging up every bit of information about us, I don’t even know where to find some of this stuff. Trying not to daunted, it’s partially working.

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